Logi ZeroTouch app brings Alexa to automobiles

logi ZeroTouchLast year Logi ZeroTouch was released by Logitech. Its mission was to offer a hands-free solution for texting and using a phone while driving. Now it has Alexa built in.

Today, Logitech is getting all over the newly released Amazon AVS and announced that the ZeroTouch app will be getting a whole new suite of functionality through a partnership to integrate Amazon’s Alexa assistant into the app.

Alexa in your car

This means that, in addition to sending texts or starting GPS directions, you’ll be able to use Alexa to answer questions, control smart home devices, or even order things straight from your car.

logi zerotouch alexaThis year is certainly shaping up to be one where we see Alexa integration appearing more fequently.

The ZeroTouch update marks perhaps the easiest way to add Alexa to almost any car. Also included in the update is the ability to send and read emails and accept calendar invitations through the ZeroTouch app. It also hands you control over your Spotify playlists too!
[youtube id=”lFfcztm–zw”]
Why not get it to play games or tell your passenger jokes so you can concentrate on driving?

It might not look as cool as DashBot but ZeroTouch is cable-free and magnetic. So, no need to worry about cables snaking across your cabin or finding power.

ZeroTouch price

The Alexa update is free for all current ZeroTouch users and is available in the United States and United Kingdom starting today.

The Logi ZeroTouch is still only compatible with Android devices (due to iOS restrictions), and is available from Logitech. Prices are £25 for the Air Vent mount or £30 for the dash mount.