Loewe Individual Selection will Fit Any Decor

loewe_customIf you’re one of those people with an eye for design and believes that everything in a room should co-ordinate you must get pretty peeved with the choice of colours out there for televisions.

How do you co-ordinate either black, silver or white with that funky patterend wallpaper?

Well, now you just need to look at Loewe‘s Individual Selection TV range.

You get the choice of nine different coloured side inlay panels, including Ruby Red, Apple Green, High Gloss Black or Light Oak and a choice of either aluminium or High Gloss White housing colours.

So whenever you change your walls depending on the latest fads and trends you can do the same using a matching TV panel.

Not only that, if you’ve gone for the matching Loewe speakers too they’ll colour change as well – there’s even a choice of five stands to pick from!

As you’ve come to expect from Loewe these aren’t your budget goggle-boxes.

These Individual Selection tele’s are full HD 100Hz LCD TV‘s with sizes from 32 inches upwards and offering 24p motion picture display, an optional DR+ hard disk recorder and Assist+ control, which allows you to operate everything from one remote.

There’s no word on price as yet but knowing Loewe a basic guide would be to find the tele you like in a high street store then double it.

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