Loewe Connect 37 – Streaming HD Telebox

Loewe Connect 37Loewe’s latest gogglebox is the Connect 37.  It’s a 37-inch LCD TV with built-in media streaming capabilities.  It’s a ‘Full HD’ 1080p TV, with support for 24p playback from HD media. 

Having Wi-Fi and wired Ethernet options means it can connect to a PC running Windows Media Player for lovely file sharing. 

Socket-wise there’s the specially sorted SCART so it can display component video, two HDMI sockets, and RCA digital audio inputs and outputs for connecting a home-cinema system.

You also get two USB sockets for photo and music playback.

The even-higher-end DR+ model comes with a built-in 160GB hard drive, for recording TV without the need for an external set-top-box style PVR.

The Connect 37 is available direct from Loewe for around £2,150 but adding extra options means stacking on the £’s.