Loewe Art SL – Eco Friendly HD Television

loewe-art-slLoewe has launched their most environmentally friendly TV to date, the new full HD Art SL.

The Art SL has an “Eco Mode” that means you can control how energy efficient your TV is.

When “automatic light dimming” is activated, the tele uses 20% less electricity than the premium mode.

It’s also equipped with a low standby mode that only sips 0.7 watts.

The hightech “integrated power switch” (errr…. that would be on/off button) means that the gogglebox can be completely disconnected from the mains power supply – not connected obviously means zero power used on ‘stand-by’.

Under the hood you get an integrated Freeview-compatible tuner and 250GB hard disk recorder as well as 2 x 40w speakers.

There is a manual swivel stand option as well as having the choice of two colour and size options – chrome silver or high gloss black / 42 and 47 inch screen sizes.

Being a green tele addict costs from £2345