Live Luggage – Not What Terry Pratchett Planned

3 years in the making and now the power assisted Live Luggage is here!

And there will be a “world premier” on June 26th.

The PA series of checked baggage features a 12V NiMH rechargeable battery pack supplying power to the wheels when the handle is gripped and the bag is tilted.

The bags weigh 10.6kg (23-pounds) which is about 3kg (6.6-pounds) more than standard hard luggage, according to the manufacturer.  That means be pepared to be charged (see what I did there?) each time you travel by Ryanair and other budget lines!

The cases are good for about 1.5 miles of assisted travel under a 32kg load – I wonder if you can saddle them?

You feel the need to have powered luggage?

How about when it has a $1,365 (£700) price tag?  So, I guess that the people that fly budget wouldn’t be getting any of these then.