Live Luggage Hybrid Powered Cases

ll-paHas luggage ever made you think that it could be cool?

To be honest there has been moments but, it’s  rarelybeen something that I thought about  bothering these hallowed pages with.

But now there’s a new generation of PA carry-on that may be worth a closer look.

PA stands for power assisted and Live Luggage’s PA bags are equipped with “anti-gravity handles” that cleverly sling 85% of the weight onto the wheels.

A most excellent idea for the lazy traveller.

The wheels employ flat motor technology (powered by a rechargeable 12V NiMH battery) to assist when going over bumps, up hills and the like.

The Hybrid has two zip-away compartments for laptops and anything you’d like to carry-on. There’s also a Live Locater ID to help find your bag in case it gets lost. There’s even a special spot for an umbrella and LL even throws one in.

Look for the Hybrid PA to drop April 17th for the price of a rent-a-car: £695

Check out the vid where it gets a once over by some familiar folk: