Livall BH60SE smart cycling helmet – speakers, lights, everything

LIVALL BH60SEWe have just had word about the BH60SE smart cycling helmet from Livall. Not something I get to type every day.

Wearables make perfect sense for sports-minded out there. So, here’s something that riders can strap to their noggin.

The snappily-dubbed BH60SE smart helmet is packing the latest in connected technology.

Equipped with Bluetooth speakers and transcendent LEDs it links to an app to dish out track RPMs, speed, distance travelled, and burned calories.

The BH60SE will enhance long distance journeys – even in the rain, thanks to IP54 water resistant technology.

Safer, simpler riding accessories

The BH60SE helmet comes with a host of add-ons to ensure you’re safe whether on country roads or cycling in the city.

The Bling Jet Bluetooth remote control (that’s what it’s called) enables you to snap photos, change your music, indicate to traffic, operate a walkie talkie or answer a phone call with the tap of a button.

livall BH60SE helmetFor added safety, the Bling Jet remote is attached the handlebar, so it’s right there within reach at all times.

Day and night visibility is enhanced thanks to indicators that alert traffic to your braking or change of direction. The LED indicators turn off automatically after 10 seconds, so there’s no need to reach for Jet remote control again.

Smart accessories

Livall’s patented Nano Cadence Sensor attaches to the bike’s pedals and connects via Bluetooth to the Livall Riding App.

This tracks RPM, speed, distance travelled, and burned calories. The app also shows slope rate, altitude, and heart rate – you’ll need to add extra devices for this though.

LIVALL BH60SE sidePlug a smartphone into the 360-degree fully rotatable, charging phone holder on your handlebars. It supports any smartphone from four to six inches with a micro USB charging point. The phone holder is equipped with a 5000mhA (3.7V) mobile charger for a long lasting charge.

Durable, sustainable and regulated

Weighing a mere 319 grams, the BH60SE’s outer helmet casing is made using a high strength PC material.

The interior is crafted from a unique EPS foam imported from the USA that moulds to a riders head, so providing ultimate comfort when on-the-move.

The helmet’s streamlined design not only reduces resistance but keeps the helmet cool. It is available in one size but includes an adjustable strap to fit between 54cm-62 cm (21-24.5-inches).

The BH60SE has passed safety tests for CPSC and EN1078, which correspond to the standard for bike helmets in the USA and Europe.

Connectivity through an app

Connect Livall accessories to an iOS or Android smartphone via the Livall Riding App. Your phone needs Android 4.3 and above or iOS 8.0 and above.

Price and availability

Available to buy now on Livall’s Amazon UK and Halfords online stores in the UK and Walmart online in the US.

The BH60SE has an RRP of £99.99 / $119.

Tech spec at a glance



Bluetooth Distance

Max. 10m


Stereo 2X0.5W


-39dB microphone

Tail Lights

Eight full-color LED taillights with three left-turn signal lights and three3 right-turn signal lights


Three buttons, start up (play, pause, power off),

volume+(next song), volume-(previous song)

Charging Port

Micro USB

Electrical Parameter

DC 5V/0.5A

Battery Capacity

3.7V/450mAH (1.665WH)

Charging Time

Approximately three hours

Battery Endurance

Maximum 10 hours for lighting / three to six hours for music and lighting

Standby Duration

Maximum 180 days

Product Size

280 x 230 x 165mm

Product Weight

300g(±5%) American version

280g European version

280g(±5%) Australian version

Head circumference

55 to 61cm