LittleDog Will Chase You Anywhere – Scary Military DogBot

You may remember BigDog – the scary four-legged soldier’s best friend.

You may not, however, be aware that there is a LittleDog – who, until now, didn’t give me any reason to be freaked out.

But now things have changed – LittleDog moves too naturally to be….. well….. natural!

LittleDog, which is being developed at USC as part of Darpa’s robot locomotion initiative, now has the ability to cross rocky terrain, climb over crevices, chase you upstairs and more than likely hump your leg!

This newest version of LittleDog is even programmed to teach itself to be more efficient in its actions (that’s military speak for killing machine) -it possesses the ability to evaluate the difference between a good foothold and a bad one and is able to adjust its paw-steps accordingly.

I’m still not sure whether it’s actually a dog in a suit or not…….

Watch the vid and tell me what you think.

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