Lithe Audio’s New Bluetooth Speaker Rocks!

Lithe Audio’s Bluetooth Speaker is British Garden-Proof

Lithe Audio has announced a new Alexa and Google Home-friendly Bluetooth speaker that literally rocks!

Building on the successful previous iteration of Lithe Audio’s garden speaker the company has added a host of new features. Firstly, the latest version is fully compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home. Additionally, and perhaps more importantly, this iteration is even more robust.

Lithe Rock Bluetooth Speaker

Also, the ‘stone’ colour means that this all-weather speaker can effectively disappear in the garden environment.

All you need to add is a phone or tablet and the promised superior sound quality that comes from 12 months of testing and tweaking should have your next garden party rocking.

Lithe Rock Bluetooth Speaker

Amit Ravat, co-founder of Lithe Audio told GadgetyNews:

It’s the perfect solution for instant summer fun! With the exceptional sound quality, it will really make your garden parties and BBQs rock. Our team has been working hard to create something that sounds as good as it looks and is able to survive the best and the worst of the Great British weather, and we’re delighted with the outcome. We’ve created a fun, weatherproof way to enjoy music outside all year round.

The all-in-one Rock Bluetooth speakers are available now from Lithe Audio and cost £199.99 each or £299.99 for a pair.