Linux powered hunting rifle features auto aim

linux powered auto aim rifleAnyone that has played a first person shooter (FPS) will be familiar with the cheats using ‘auto-aim’. In gaming it’s unfair but, what if you could have auto-aim in real life? That’s exactly with an Austin-based startup has in mind.

TrackingPoint has a range of three customised precision-guided rifles that are equipped with advanced computerised scopes powered by Linux.

When the hunter looks into the scope, he sees a video image taken from the scope’s objective lens, instead of the scope being a direct visual scope.

You can tag your target, and then the marked target is kept in the scope’s field of view, and when the hunter pulls the trigger, the hunter will need to match the position of the reticle with the marked target, which will then fire the rifle.

TrackingPoint’s rifles start at around $17,000, which is pretty high in the gun-buying world, but you’d probably be the envy of your hunter buddies and never miss that target again.

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