Linquet Bluetooth tracker review

Linquet property tracker

$2.50 p/m

Build quality




Ease of use







  • Small and light
  • Can attach, tie to anything
  • Able to protect most things
  • Cloud storage of whereabouts
  • Free device


  • Subscription required
  • Didn't track accurately

Linquet Sharing KeysWe have had a number of Bluetooth trackers through Gadgety HQ. The latest one we have received is the Linquet.

A reliable anti-loss device which transmits real-time coordinates is a real life saver.

It is especially handy if you can attach the tracker to anything – mobile devices, bikes, pets, children, you get the idea.

Linquet boasts a replaceable battery, water resistance, and a few neat tricks.

Furthermore, Linquet uploads both the location in real-time onto the cloud, giving you the opportunity to search right away.

Sounds promising, right? Let’s see how it does.

Linquet design

Linquet Protecting CatIt is small and thin device, perfect for hooking up to your keys, phone, or cat. You can even stick it to your laptop, bike, or guitar, using the bundled 3M tape.

The device measures 30 mm x 23.4 mm x 4.8 mm and only weighs just 6 grams. That’s with the included CR2025 coin cell battery.

It’s white and sports an asymmetrical design thanks to one curved corner.

Opposite the curvy corner is a little lanyard that can be threaded onto a keyring or through a pet’s collar.

There is one multi-functional button at the bottom end of the device.

linquet openedTo get to the battery compartment you simply split open the front and rear of the Linquet tracker.

All-in-all, it’s not ugly and looks fairly simple to use.

Linquet performance

Linquet has an outdoor range of 150ft/45m, but this can be halved indoors because of walls, furniture, etc.

As with most of these devices, it works by using a mobile app that you download to your phone. Additionally, the tracker employs Bluetooth.

It employs Bluetooth Smart 4.0 so battery usage is very minimal.

Set up

linquet sign upOnce you receive your Linquet you will need to set up a Linquet account.

Then you have to enter the “registration code” that was sent to you. You also need the Linquet app (Android or iOS).

When you open the Linquet app, tap the “+” symbol to add your Linquet and wait for the green dot to verify successful pairing.

Now, you can attach Linquet to keys, a pet or anything else you don’t want to lose.

In use

My LinquetsWhen your phone and Linquet fall out of range of each other both will sound an alarm to let you know.

Should you misplace your phone, you can push the button on the Linquet for 2 seconds and your phone will make a sound. This is a pretty common feature on such devices but that’s for a perfectly good reason. It really is handy.

If someone tries to turn off your phone or your Linquet, both will warn you that the phone or Linquet is being turned off. That’s a nice touch.

Linquet includes other neat features like built-in temperature sensor and “silent alarm”. The latter, believe it or not, makes the alarm inaudible. I guess that’s handy for when you’re in the theatre, at church or in a library.

The alarm itself is high pitched but can be customised. You can have it a long sounding alarm, short sounding alarm, or that silent alarm.

Additionally, you can also use the little white tracker as a phone finder, panic button, as well as a camera remote.


linquet blackberry keyone appThe Linquet does have a trump card to play, however. Should you miss hearing the alarm, the actual time and location is recorded of when things went missing.

You can also add friends and family to your account so they can also be notified when you lose something.

You can also disable the button functionality on the anti loss device which comes handy when using the device on a pet.

Linquet officeThe thing here was that I took the Linquet to work and had Bluetooth switched on my phone.

Linquet keysHowever, the app says it was disconnected at home at 11:51am. I was in the office at 8:45am! So, something not quite right there.

Crowd Linqued

Linquet networkLinquet also has a user network that can be called upon to help find your precioussss. This is also a familiar feature.

Every Linquet user acts as a warning beacon to alert you when your lost item passes within 100 feet of them automagically.

I tested the Linquet Network by leaving my Linquet at work and then hitting the crowd search button at 9:31pm. Now, I work in The Square Mile of London, which is notoriously empty of an evening. However, I was expecting the Linquet army to come through in the morning.

Now, I work in The Square Mile of London, which is notoriously empty of an evening. However, I was expecting the Linquet army to come through in the morning.

Linquet notificationI did get a notification, finally.

Linquet found emailUnfortunately, this happened when I switched on Bluetooth again. I understand that this function requires a decent crowd network and it will only get better when more people subscribe.

Linquet foundThe thing is, you need a great network in order to entice subscribers. It’s a tricky one.

Also, looking at the map above, my keys are in the station. They were actually right next to my phone.

Replaceable battery

Unlike my current favourites from Tile, the Linquet follows the TrackR path of allowing you to replace the battery. I’m in two minds about this. On one side I like the more sustainable approach of not having to ditch the device every time the battery dies. However, on the other, you’re going to have to dispose of the battery anyhow which has its own implications.

I believe the ideal would be to pack these things with rechargeable cells but, I am guessing, that tech isn’t small enough yet. Until then, a replaceable battery is a good thing I reckon.

Extra features

Magic Button

Once the Linquet is switched on (push for 4 sec) and linqed to your phone, you can push the button for 2 sec (blue LED) to alarm (aka find) your phone.

Additionally, you can push it for 5 sec (red LED+beep) for the user-configurable Action. This allows you to use the device to take selfies or be used as a panic button.

You can disable each device button from its setting on the app (recommended if you use Linquet for your wallet, purse or pet).

Smart Controls

Linquet smart controls webSmart Controls intelligently silence the anti-loss alarms based on your location and/or the time of day. They are even planning on adding a weather option too, soon!

Firstly, you can set a Smart Control during the app on-boarding for your home or office. This will silence the alarm whenever you’re at the office.

Secondly, you can switch off the alarm using geolocation. So, when you’re home the alarm automatically switches off. You have the choice of using a map area or your Wi-Fi signal.

Linquet smart controls appThen, if the Linquet strays away from that area, it becomes alarmed.

You can disable any of your Smart Controls at anytime from the app side menu (tap on the top left icon).

Trusted Friends

Linquet trusted friendsIf you’d like to frequently share your Linquet(s) with someone else (e.g. your roommate or colleague ) you can simply invite them as a Trusted Friend from the app side menu.


Something I have not come across with other similar devices is that Linquet offers a subscription service.

You can add up to 10 trackers to your phone. You don’t have to pay for the actual Linquet device other than the monthly fee (as low as $2.50 per month or $30 per year) for maintaining the cloud service.

linquet subscriptionsThere are no contracts though, so you can cancel any time.

Once you cancel, the device is deactivated. However, you can reactivate it at any time when you are ready to renew the service.

There is also a referral program where referring friends gets you a free month per referred friend.

Linquet tracker review conclusion

The device looks good and having a replaceable battery is certainly a bonus.

The subscription model is unusal and probably makes some sense. Unfortunately, my short time testing the Linquet, hasn’t made me want to dive straight in.

Most of the features work as expected but, on the one ocassion that I ‘lost’ my keys, I had to find it myself. Also, they weren’t where the app told me that they were lost seen.

This is a shame as I was really expecting good things from this.

Again, this was one test (I can only spend so long on each device I get) and it might improve. I will continue testing it and, should there be any change, I will update this review.

Linquet tracker price and availability

The device(s) is free but there is a subscription  which is as low as $2.50 per month or $30 per year. It is available now direct from their site.