Line 6 iPhone / iPod Touch Dongle Stores Your MIDI Work and Effects Settings

Line 6 has noticed that you’re more likely to drag your Apple iPhone or iPod Touch around with you more often than your laptop.

Almost all modern musicians will probably come in contact with MIDI via keyboards or even effects pedals so having a handy way to store settings or ideas is always going to be a bonus. Line 6 thinks that the handiest way would be to sling your digital stuff onto your Apple handheld.

The MIDI Mobilizer for iPhone and iPod touch is an app-based peripheral that lets you record, playback, store, and transfer MIDI sequences and parameters using the MIDI Memo Recorder software.

I can’t really comment about how good it is as I’ve not actually used it but the video does make quite a good case for it. I like the idea that if you use Line 6 effects you can sling all your presets onto your iPhone and if you happen to be using someone else’s Line 6 gear you can then send your settings to their pedal – hopefully without wiping their settings 😉

Where using someone else’s effects and messing with settings is fairly unlikely, having a method of backing up your settings onto something you always have in your pocket, should your gear decide to crash or reset itself, is a genius idea 🙂

The recorder app is already available on iTunes for free but it’s kinda pointless without the Line 6 hardware which should be out in “Spring 2010” with no word on price.

Anyhoooo – check out the vid and let me know your thoughts 🙂

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