Limited availability of Eclipse TD-M1 speakers – two alternatives

TD307MK2A TD-M1 alternativeWe fell in love with the Eclipse TD-M1 when we reviewed them. If you are fancying some, you had better be quick! Stocks are limited and will not be replenished.

The legendary Eclipse TD-M1 wireless home audio speaker system has now completely sold out in the UK and Europe, with all future production is now accounted for.

Widely considered to be one of the world’s best desktop loudspeaker solutions, the space-saving TD-M1 will be available in strictly limited numbers for a very short period.

Buy now if you want the iconic loudspeaker system to avoid disappointment.

Eclipse TD-M1 alternatives

Firstly, let me reassure you. Even though your chances of getting a set of TD-M1s are getting slimmer, there is another way.

Because, secondly, Eclipse have a pair of possible alternatives.

Maintaining the trademark Eclipse “accurate sound” and fully embracing the design technology are two existing passive models from the company.

TD508MK3 - TD-M1 alternative (2)The compact TD307MK2A (top, black) and award-winning TD508MK3 (above, white) most closely fill the shoes of the outgoing TD-M1. This is both in terms of size and price.

Eclipse TD307MK2A

The TD307MK2A is Eclipse’s most affordable loudspeaker and is perfectly suited to desktop environments.

TD307MK2A - TD-M1 alternativeSmall, but perfectly formed, the TD307MK2A shares the same unique full-range driver concept and construction technology afforded to its range stablemates.

Its space-saving design doesn’t compromise on performance either.

These speakers enable music lovers to enjoy the benefits of the company’s accurate sound presentation.

Eclipse TD508MK3

This model offers an 8cm unit diameter and larger overall enclosure size than both the TD307MK2A and outgoing TD-M1.

TD508MK3 - TD-M1 alternativeFurthermore, the award-winning TD508MK3 is perfectly suited to a range of environments. This, of course, includes your desktop.

Considered a ‘core’ range model, the speaker is based upon a full-range fibreglass driver, supported by the maker’s unique waveform reproduction technologies.

Naturally, the design retains the famous egg-shaped form, mass anchor and diffusion stay.

Price and availability

Demonstration samples of both models, including all other speakers in the Eclipse range, can be located by visiting: and selecting a nearby retailer.


  • TD307MK2A – £360
  • TD508MK3 –  £960