LimePC M1 – Linux in your pocket

This is possibly the smallest Linux UMPC that I’ve seen.  It is apparently no bigger than an iPod nano and goes by the name of LimePC M1. 

The LimePC UMPC runs LimeOS, which is based on Linux (MorphOS).  The Korean press-release says it is based on Debian Linux, full screen HTML based user interface and Web 2.0 applications.

Although the details are still a tad sketchy, what I do know is that it sports a FreeScale MPC5121e CPU, Graphics, Audio cards, PCI, Ethernet, SATA, USB motherboard and full Linux PC functions thrown in.

A ‘full’ Linux PC in  your pocket?  That’s gotta be a good thing right?  It will be unleashed at CES.

Via The Gadget Blog