Likify – Add a Facebook Thumbs Up to Real World Objects

You must all be familiar with the greatest invention that Facebook has bestowed upon us all by now.

I am, of course, referring to the Like button.

Now, the signal that you agree with your online friends and find their photo, video, etc very much to your liking has encroached meatspace.

This is thanks to a brand new service which goes by the name of Likify.

Likify enpowers your fans to show the world what they think in the most powerful way in this socially networked age: a thumbs-up ‘Like’ on Facebook! 🙂

This is all accomplished by generating a unique QR code – you know, those sqaure black-and-white dotty barcodes that your mobile can read.

Nike has already got in on the game by placing its QR codes in shop windows to promote a running campaign in Antwerp.

Best of all you can get in on the action – sign up, enter your Web address and a logo and generate your own QR code.

Download the code and print it on your product or poster, whatever, and get it out there.

Your fans then point their phone’s QR-reading app at your product or poster, whatever, and the app will allow them to click a Facebook Like and a link to your website.

They can even point their reader at the code on a computer screen. Don’t believe me?

Point your phone’s QR reader at the code in the pic at the start of this very article – you may have to click on it to make it larger 😉

When you get the option to like GadgetyNews – well, you know what to do 🙂

To ‘like’ a QR code, you’ll need a QR barcode reader such as QR App for the iPhone, QR Code Scanner Pro for BlackBerry, Nokia Barcode Reader or Google Goggles on Android. Thankfully Likify link to a variety of freebies on their homepage.

QR codes are starting to appear on posters, adverts and in magazines and newspapers. I’ve even heard of people planning QR code tattoos!

Sign up and check out Likify – oh, and don’t forget to ‘Like’ this 😉

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