Lightwave Gen 2 smart home review

Lightwave Generation 2 IoT smart home kit


Build quality






Ease of use





  • Looks and feels quality
  • Great fit and finish
  • Easy installation
  • Clear and simple app
  • Fairly priced


  • Not playing with Alexa

Lightwave 2 Link PlusThere are many smart home systems available these days. You only have to look at the list of Alexa Skills within the smart home category, pages and pages to scroll through. So is the new Lightwave generation 2 range worth considering? I spent a few hours on a wet and windy weekend trying to find out.

Firstly, some of the devices should be fitted by a qualified electrician if you are at all unsure. Smart home devices are great, however, they are not worth risking your life to install!

Lightwave Gen 2


lightwave 2 lighting and power starter kitOn removing the devices from the box I was impressed with the quality and the contemporary design.

The brushed steel finish is clean, pleasing on the eye and feel like good solid devices.

The only exception to that is the Lightwave Plus hub, which feels a bit cheap and lightweight. However, this can be hidden away, which is exactly what I did, behind the flatscreen tv with only the band of light visible.

Incidentally, you can change the colour of that light which is a nice touch.


So this is where I started, as you should, installing the hub.

A very simple process. Plug it in to your network, add power, install the app, link the device and you are ready to begin. No pain there.

lightwave 2 dimmer switchI then installed the double socket and light dimmer to my son’s bedroom.

The thought being that when he goes to bed and leaves his light on, I don’t even have to get up to turn it off, and he thinks it’s cool! (He says he wants a phone now so he can control these devices, not happening!).

Turn relevant power off, wire them in, power back on, looking good!

lightwave 2 2 gang socketA nice little addition to these devices is a plastic spacer that can be used between the wall and the socket. This means that if you have a shallow wall box, you won’t have to go through the pain of installing a normal depth box. That said, the device is of normal depth any way so shouldn’t be an issue.

So, hold a couple of buttons down on the device, click add on the app and boom, they appeared (after naming them). So let the fun begin!

The next ten minutes I spent playing with turning them on and off, up and down, showing the wife and kids, everything good, a simple process.

Next up, heating.

lightwave 2 boiler switchBatteries inserted to the thermostat, wire in the boiler switch device.

You really need to know what you are doing here!

Once the power is back on I linked devices and as quick as a flash, there it is in the app.

Lightwave 2 radiator valveI also installed a radiator valve, nice and simple, screw off, screw on.

Lightwave app

The app itself couldn’t be any simpler to use. Giving you quick and easy access to the simple controls available. You can set up device automation, giving you total control of time, device and operation. Nice and simple.

The thermostat control unit is also easy to use, within a few minutes I programmed what I needed. Things are made easier with pre-programmed definitions of time periods, like full week, weekend and Monday to Friday.

There are other settings that can be used if you want to get more complicated, but my needs were met in a matter of minutes.

At first I thought the valve control unit was a bit unnecessary, I don’t have a massive house. With a rad in each room I probably won’t need to vary the temperature too much. But we have got a south facing room that does get warm even in winter, so a use found!

Lightwave Gen 2 review conclusion

All in all I am impressed with the overall design and quality of these devices.

The app is very simple allowing for easy control of the devices giving a pleasing user experience and one I would certainly recommend.

Finally, I’m sorry to say that I had no joy using Alexa to control this. It just won’t find the devices. At this point I am unsure if it is Alexa or Lightwave related. I won’t give up, but for now I have 🙁

Editor adds:

Great to see Lightwave’s quality devices and easy-to-use app doing the business once more. However, it’s not great that the Alexa integration seems to be not as good, especially considering my 1st Gen kit is still going strong using the Amazon assistant.

This has baffled us, as well as Lightwave

We are working with Lightwave in order to resolve the issue. We at GadgetyNews will always appreciate the opportunity to work with manufacturers in order to improve their products.

On the plus side, those using Apple HomeKit are reporting better performance with the Gen 2.

Price and availability

The Lightwave 2 kit is available now. The Lighting and Power Starter kit is £229 direct from Lightwave. The kit includes a light dimmer switch, 2-gang power socket and the Link Plus hub.