Lightsaber Bottle Opener – Use The Force to Quench that Thirst

Being a Jedi sure can be thirsty work and any master of the art should be able to open a bottle using their weapon of choice – even though some around you might think that they are no match for a good blaster at your side.

Judging by the weather so far, this summer is going to be as hot as Tatooine – so when bartering with Jawas and avoiding Tusken Raiders it would be wise to keep hydrated with a bottle of your favourite beverage – You’re going to need the Star Wars Lightsaber Bottle Opener.

The Yoda sized (5.5”) Lightsaber doubles as a key chain but will dispatch that bottle top with unnerving ease – as well as perhaps catching the eye of a Princess who uses pastries as hair-style guides.

The Lightsaber is based on the one Luke Skywalker uses in Return of the Jedi but this one is equipped with stainless steel opener.

$17 is the asking price but you’ll have to supply your own sound effects.