Light L16 – 16 lens camera delayed

light l16 angleWell, it’s been a year since we wrote about Light’s L16 16-lens camera. So, I decided to have a poke around to see what people were saying about it. Well, it turns out that there’s not much to say as it’s still yet to appear.

I do love it when people think outside the box. A new approach to something can unlock the door to more innovation. The thing is, this also means that the road to production is beset on all sides by the inequities of… sorry. I was about to get all Pulp Fiction then. Let’s just say it might not be as smooth as hoped.

The same goes for the L16 camera. It looks like we’ll have to wait a little bit longer for the already-delayed multi-lens snapper. On the up side, however, the camera is getting a significant improvement to its many lenses’ apertures.

L16 tweaked

Light’s creators blogged that they had originally planned on having the camera’s 16 modules (5 at 28mm, 5 at 70mm, and 6 at 150mm equivalent) at a fixed F/2.4 aperture. Those have now been opened up to F/2.0, which is a significant improvement. Exactly how significant this change will be is difficult to nail down in reality. This is because comparisons with traditional cameras won’t really give much insight.

L16 bag closeupStill, it’s good news for image quality and versatility, especially in low-light situations. The reasoning behind this update is unclear at this stage. At least it should make the added delay a bit more palatable to swallow.

L16 release dates

The L16 was originally down for delivery over the summer. It then got pushed to autumn, and then in late summer delayed again until “Early 2017.”

The latest blog post drags it out just a bit more:

We are on track to begin mass production of the L16 early in the second quarter of 2017.”

Hang on though. Second quarter? I know that’s still technically the first half of the year but it’s hardly “early 2017″ now is it?

[vimeo id=”188140003”]

Also, that’s the date for beginning mass production. By the time packing and shipping is taken in to consideration I dare say that summer 2017 looks most likely.

Granted, Light might well have everything else good to go so L16s might just whizz off the line and in to the post at the end of March.

L16 updates

According to Light “A more detailed production schedule” will come in January. Hopefully this will be good news, but I’ll try and keep you posted.

If you fancy checking out some of the snaps the L16 has produced during testing, head over here.

Beta testing

Light have started in-field beta tests with prototypes of the L16 Camera. If you would like to be considered for participation in a beta test, please complete the brief questionnaire here.