LiftBed Levitates then Disappears – The Ultimate Guest Bed?

LiftBed-UKThe Liftbed must be the ultimate hide-away bed. The solution to making your bedsit sexy or to creating a very cool guest room out of your living room.

Who wouldn’t want a levitating bed? Much cooler than one that merely flips up into a cupboard or springs out of a sofa isn’t it?

The German-built Liftbed is a a very clever but of kit and one that’s especially suited to London living.

With only the select few living in the capital actually having a house to themselves and the great population living in flats or studios the best idea would be to have a bed that disappears – not a compromise such as a sofa bed, but a real, proper bed.

At the touch of a button, the bed can be lifted right up and into a smart, spotlit surround, and then it’s gone. No sign of the bed ever being there, unless, that is, you’ve left a pile of clothes next to where it used to be.

Not only does the Liftbed disappear; it floats!

The Liftbed has no feet, in fact it doesn’t touch the floor at all. That’s thanks to a clever cantilever mechanism. Don’t worry about it snapping in the night – the bed can take a 1000kg load. So you could even invite a few friends to join you 😉

I like the way you can even use a sofa as the bed’s headrest.

Chalk me down for one!

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