Life Armour NEO – your escape pod from acts of God and zombies (maybe)

life armour neoLooking for the next-gen alternative to building your own air raid shelter? In that case you might want to check out the Life Armour NEO.

If you’ve spent way too long considering what your chances would be in the event of a zombie apocalypse or how to survive a meteor striking earth then you might want to invest in the Life Armour NEO.

The Life Armour NEO is a round pod designed to house four adults in the event of a disaster: Tsunami, earthquake, that sort of thing – zombie hoards don’t seem to get a mention but I’m sure it would be equally adept in that scenario.

There’s just about enough room to get you, your loved ones, and a few small personal possessions in to safety in order to weather the storm, so to speak.

The exterior shell is strong enough to withstand great shocks partly thanks to its round shape and should your pod get washed out to sea (or if the sea comes to you) it will happily bob along.

Yeah, it might be an extreme product to buy and have sat in your suburban garden, but if you lived in areas where “acts of God” are more likely to make you homeless thanks to tornadoes, hurricanes, tsunamis, landslides, then this could potentially save your life.

You can even pick your own colour – surviving doesn’t have to be bland – so you can decide how visible your escape capsule is.

You can pick up the Life Armour NEO for 512,940¥ or £53,210.

One for the Christmas list?

Check out the tour video below but you might need to know Japanese to get the full gist:
[youtube id=”o_XLTUog7k0″]