Libratone Lounge and Live Cashmere Covered AirPlay Speakers

As you start to make the decision to turn your heating on things made of wool suddenly become more appealing and emit a feeling of cosiness – how about some woollen (not woolley) speakers from Libratone?

The Libratone range is an AirPlay sound system for your home. Stream audio wirelessly from your iPhone, iPad or iPod or connect easily to your TV set for 360° sound. These new AirPlay compatible speakers from Libratone are lovingly wrapped in stylish, and very in keeping for the season, cashmere wool.

Libratone is a Danish company that appears to subscribe to the Scandinavian minimalist design ethos. This means that their speakers will fit seamlessly into any room.

Soeren Louis Pedersen, Chief Sales Officer of Libratone states that “Libratone is designed to simplify and enhance any home décor with room filling, high fidelity sound without clumsy speakers and tangled wires”.

Well, it certainly appears that the two models on offer will manage the latter (as I’ve not heard the sound reproduction from either I can’t really comment on the Hi-Fi sound).

The Libratone Lounge, made for living rooms just in case you were in any doubt, is a horizontal speaker bar that’s packing a pair of ribbon tweeters, 2 ceramic midranges and a quite substantial 8-inch woofer. The bar measures 40 x 8.7 x 4.7-inches and, as mentioned before, enveloped in lovely cashmere wool which is available in a choice of 5 colours.

The Libratone Lounge can be sat on a bookshelf or wall mounted. There is also the Libratone iOS App which enables the listener to tweak the sound to their liking from the comfort of their iPhone or iPad 🙂

If you’re looking for a more portable sound solution then there’s the Libratone Live.

The Live is a vertical speaker which is also equipped with 2 ribbon tweeters, 2 midranges but is rocking a more portable 5-inch woofer. The Libratone Live measures 18.5 x 7.7 x 6-inches and even comes complete with a neat chrome carrying handle. You can sit a Live speaker in each room and fill your abode with music via AirPlay. As with the Lounge, the Live is cloaked in cashmere wool and can be tweaked by the Libratone app.

If you want to wrap your ears with the warm Libratone sounds then here’s the prices: The Live costs £599/£699 and the Lounge will hit you for £1099/£1199 – the price depends on the colour you choose 😉

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