Lian Li PC-V33 cube case has a flip-top canopy

lian li pc-v33Cube PC cases are the thing right now and Lian Li’s new midtower case, the PC-V33, looks like it will tick all the boxes.

The PC-V33 is packing a handy flip-open canopy, a shock-absorbing drive cage, support for full ATX motherboards, and enough space to house a 240mm water-cooling radiator.

Lian Li’s design has the front and top panels creating that canopy which is essentially a folded piece of aluminium that is attached to the chassis frame by a hinge. When the canopy is swung open and the side pop-out panels removed, you can change the internal hardware without the sides getting in the way. This should leave builders with plenty of elbow room.

Like the Thermaltake Core V1, this new Lian Li case features a two-compartment design. The bottom section plays host to the power supply and hard drives while the top portion is for the motherboard and the graphics card.

You also get a choice of colours with silver brushed aluminum (PC-V33A), black brushed aluminum (PC-V33B), and a version with a black interior and a tempered-glass side door (PC-V33WX).

Lian Li says that the floor of the main board compartment acts as a barrier so CPU and GPU heat does not affect the PSU or drives and that the included 120mm fan vents the top compartment through the newly designed rear vent. The bottom compartment filters air for the PSU that is vented right out the back. The drives have their own 120mm exhaust fan with the aggressive new vent hole pattern.

lian li pc-v33 flipAccording to Lian Li, the front bracket can fit dual 120mm fans or a water-cooling radiator up to 240mm. The case can also accommodate CPU coolers up to 190mm, and graphics cards that are up to 330mm long. The bottom section provides enough space for a 300mm power supply.

The drive cage can store up to four 3.5-inch drives and comes packed with a rubber dampening system that the company says eliminates vibrations. This cage can be fully or half removed, providing additional space if you need it for your liquid cooling.

The case measures 334 x 352 x 390mm and provides seven expansion slots. The case also comes with two 120mm fans on the back, but customers can opt for two 120mm fans for the front. There are also two USB 3.0 ports, an HD audio jacks, and an illuminated power button not to mention the optional RGB lighting kit which comes complete with LED strips, cord clip, dimmer and controller. The rear mounted controller allows instant analog color selection. Guaranteed to fit and show off your custom interior.

The PC-V33A/B will go for £159.90 and the PC-V33WX for £189.90. The cases will be available in October and November respectively.

Check out the video below:

[youtube id=”yNHJxtm08vo”]