Lian-Li DK01 combines your desk and your PC

Lian-Li DK01 PCI recently received and email from PC case maker, Lian-Li, and amongst the usual towers sat what to look like a school desk. “Has Lian-Li gone in to making furniture for the education market?” thought I. Nope, it’s the DK01 desk/PC combo.

Lian-Li has unveiled a new DK01 concept PC case they have developed which also doubles as a desk with a transparent glass top allowing you to see the workings of your PC at the same time.

Sometimes you might find that you don’t have the space for a PC tower under you desk and the top has already been taken over by your monitor. Well, the new Lian-Li DK01 concept desktop PC case offers a new and innovative slant on the traditional desktop PC case whilst removing the need for an additional PC case.

The press release reads “Combining the symbiotic relationship of desks and computer cases, the DK01 is a chassis like no other. Constructed of aluminum, this hybrid chassis allows DIY builders to build a full computer inside the desk and show off their hardware creations through the tempered glass desktop. The DK01 eliminates the need for PC towers.”

The desk would come bundled with the monitor mount pictured in the top picture to maximise the space available.

“Since desks and PCs have always had a symbiotic relationship, we decided it would only make sense to combine the two – in our new desk chassis prototype: DK01.”

THE DK01 is mostly constructed out of aluminium and features modular HDD bays, tool-less mounting, and a minimalistic design.

Lian-Li DK01 PC case drawerThe Lian-Li DK01 will be shown off at ceBIT 2014 in Hannover, Germany from March 10 to 14, 2014. Lian Li invites all interested parties to visit them at Hall 17, Booth F24.

No price range or release plans have been mentioned as yet – if I hear something, I’ll let you know.

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