LG VX9600 Modular Mobile Phone Spotted

lgvx9600Could it be?

I’m thinking a quite possible “yes”.

It looks like this could be the first pics of the new and up-coming LG VX9600 no less.

The what?

It’s only a touchscreen phone with modular components!

The LC VX9600 (this version is emblazened with a Verizon logo) is teasing us with the prospect of a detachable QWERTY keyboard.

This would mean that you could instantly slimify the phone when going out to a club, etc or when you couldn’t see yourself partaking in email conversations for a few hours.

This idea could obviously go way past the QWERTY board – I’m thinking gaming pads, speakers, a secondary touchscreen…………

More news when I get it – it is rather cool though aint it?

Howard Forums via MobileCrunch