LG V30 glass lens heading for best camera title

LG V camerasHot off the press from the LG Newsroom, an annoucement that should put the LG V30 ahead of its rivals in the photography race.

LG has seemingly stopped being secretive and is beating tipsters at their own game. Now LG is announcing everything officially via their own website.

Official leak

The latest official leak, if that be a thing, is that their next premium handset, the LG V30, will be the first cameraphone with an f/1.6 lens aperture.

This tweak will allow 25% percent more light than the f/1.8 of phones likes the iPhone 7.

LG V30 Crystal Clear LensBeside the wider aperture, the internal construction of LG’s new camera will include a glass lens, which is said to deliver sharper, more faithful images.

The phone will be made official on August 31st at IFA in Berlin.

Being a dual camera touting mobile, I can’t make out whether both shooters will be getting this treatment.

The LG V-series does seem to be taking multimedia seriously.

LG design

Two years ago, the LG V10 was one of the most impressive cameraphones on the market. Last year the V20 delivered the best sound from a smartphone. Now it will be the turn of the V30 to take both of these areas forward.

This is all well and good, but aesthetics and design are also important.


Thankfully, LG has also revealed that the V30 will be physically smaller than its predecessor, but still have a 6-inch OLED display.

It will have a 2:1 aspect ratio, like the LG G6, and a 2,880 x 1,440 resolution.

One of the additional improvements LG has made to its V30 imaging is a reduction in edge distortion with its wide-angle camera.

The fisheye effect created by the extra wide field of view made it feel like a bit of a gimmick. However, LG claims there’s now a third less distortion, “making it ideal for group wefies”.

Sorry, what? Wefies? I refuse to use that. Surely it’s a selfie with other folk in shot?