LG using its curved OLED panels in stylish lighting

lg oled lampLG was one of the first to release a smartphone packing a curved display and now it looks like the tech company is looking where else it can shove its bendy screens.

Over at the Light+Building show in Frankfurt, Germany, LG is showing off one of the ideas it has in utilising the curved OLEDS: a lamp.

Although OLEDs have already been used in lighting, LG says the lamp, which is inventively titled OLED Table Lamp, is the world’s first to use a curved OLED panel as a light source.

It’s the details that count, huh?

The sculpted red design can be controlled remotely by smartphone or tablet, which lets you automatically define lighting modes such as ‘movie’ or ‘relax’ and can also manually dim the light.

If it should come to market it would sit as the flagship product of a range of smart lighting including the Smart Lamp and Color Tunable Flat Light.

As it stands though, there’s no firm information from LG on whether the lamp will be available for purchase.

I for one would welcome something this cool-looking on my desk or in a reading nook.

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