LG Slip out Their CES 2011 3D Speakers and Blu-Ray Player

LG is still striding forth into the 3D world and there’s no sign of the Korean giant slowing down.

Since helping people understand what 3D TV can do to improve your home-based video experience LG have flashed their new wares ahead of its CES 2011 appearance.

The two complete 3D home cinema systems are to be officially showcased at the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas next month but the LG 7.2 HX996TS and 5.1 HB906SB have shown themselves early for your festive enjoyment 🙂

The HX996TS is a 7.2 speaker system which uses LG’s clever Vertical 3D Effect Channel tech. Those tall speakers actually send sound waves above your head which creates a virtual extra dimensional sound experience. The more familiar looking 5.1 HB906SB surround sound system is made up of four bookshelf satellite speakers and a central speaker and sub.

Both systems have two HDMI connection ports, an inbuilt iPhone/iPod dock as well as Wi-Fi and Ethernet internet connectivity options. They also both feature the ability to record music from CD’s – converting tracks to MP3 files before squirting them onto a USB device of your choosing.

Launching alongside those two speaker systems, LG has unveiled a standalone 3D Blu-ray named the BD600 – this disc spinner features both cable and wireless internet connectivity options along with the added bonus of an internal 250GB hard drive.

I’m still waiting to be told what the UK arrival dates and pricing are going to be – as soon as I know so will you 🙂

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