LG Shows Off Solar eBook eReader

lg-solar-ebookAs we enter the more autumnal months perhaps sitting in the park or on the beach reading whilst catching some rays isn’t the first thing that comes to mind.

But the solar-powered eBook from LG Display would love that you did 🙂

The 0.7 mm thin solar cell featured in the new eBook measures 10 centimeters in width and length and was developed to fit the 6 inch display panel for the current LG Display.

Put it out in the sun for between four to five hours and you’ll get a full day’s reading time.

Obviously you can read inside too, of course, thanks to the battery but that’s not going to flaunt your green cred now is it?

Mr. Ki Yong Kim, head of the Solar Cell Office at LG Display noted, “eBbooks are attracting a lot of attention because they offer the advantage of storing thousands of books’ worth of contents in an easy-to-carry device. The idea of e-book combined with solar cell will offer users the added benefit of longer usage. We will continue to provide users with enhanced convenience and value to solidify our lead in next-generation, environmentally friendly products.”

With the solar power and added battery back-up extended reading without having to pounce a power socket has to be a good thing?

What do you think?

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