LG reveals more G Watch details

lg g-watchLG has updated its page for the G Watch smartwatch and, in doing, has revealed new details about the LG Android Wear-powered wrist-piece.

The latest LG site update confirms that the G Watch will thankfully be resistant to both water dust, and will be available in two colour options – Stealth Black and Champagne Gold.

Perhaps the most interesting web announcement is that the LG G Watch will feature an always-on screen.

lg g-watch always on screenNow, being a lover of the old-school automatic analogue watches, having a ‘screen’ that’s always on and ready to give me the time is an obvious feature to look for in a watch.

The thing is, for smartwatches, the design and functionality has to take in to consideration battery life and its conservation. This means that some of the G Watch’s rivals can’t manage such a feat. The Samsung Gear 2, for instance, saves power by shutting its screen off until the wearer moves their arm in order to wake it up.

So, this means this always on skill is actually something worth bragging about.

android wear lg g-watchThe G Watch will be among the first wave of Android Wear devices to go on sale, and it’s been reported it will be available before the end of July for “less than £180”.

That undercuts the pricing of both the Samsung Gear 2 Neo and Gear 2. Things seem to be hotting up now.

Will you be joining the wearable tech brigade or are you already rocking a smartwatch?

Let me know below 🙂

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