LG OLED Televisions – 15 Inches now 40 Inches Later!

LG oled tvLovely aint it?

Better still, the LG 15 inch OLED television is gearing up to become consumer reality!

LG will be flashing this skinny OLED supermodel around next week’s IFA trade show.

It sounds like they’re expecting to start selling it in Korea this November, followed by overseas sometime next year.

The pain to balance this pleasure is certainly going to be the price.

Sony‘s XEL–1 dropped in at over £3,000 when it was first launched – so I’m guessing that a few grand, a kidney and your soul may be required to get one of these beauties!

But the good news keeps coming as LG is bragging about a 40 inch model in the “not too distant future.”


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