LG gives away free VR headset with G3 smartphone

lg g3 vrFollowing close on the heals of wrist wearables, Mobile VR (virtual reality) is getting bigger with more companies wanting in. To that end, LG will be offering a free VR headset with its G3 smartphone.

The interest in VR doesn’t seem to be going away and with the likes of the DIY-tastic Google Cardboard and the more finished Samsung Gear VR already available for the masses, this might well become the latest competitive arena for the mobile giants.

LG has just announced that everyone who buys the LG G3 smartphone will also receive a free virtual reality headset.

LG G3 VRThe new headset looks to be more of an entry-level offering and will be based on Google Cardboard. This makes it compatible with the existing Cardboard app and software, and means that the headset is open for developers to play around with and tweak. The only major difference between the LG set and the Google one, really, is that the LG one is professionally constructed out of plastic and has been specifically designed for use with the G3 smartphone.

The promotion will be rolling out in “select markets”, but LG hasn’t said which markets will be receiving the headset. Chances are that these will be South Korea and the USA with a slight chance of UK and the rest of Europe also making the cut.

I think this is a great idea and, what with virtual reality picking up traction, there aren’t many reasons why manufacturers can’t start shipping cheaper VR headsets with their phones. Let’s face it, we soon got used to the idea of getting free earbuds or proper headphones bundled in with our handsets. Why not some VR goggles?

The LG G3 will go on sale in the UK on 28th June, and the VR for G3 promotion will start rolling out later this month.