LG GD910 Wristphone – Dick Tracy Gadget to Become Reality

lg_wristphoneAny comic book fan will know that having a 2-way radio or, now we’re in the future, a mobile phone on your wrist is a great idea.

LG think so too and is preparing their GD910 wristwatch-cum-mobile phone for its European launch later in the year.

The 3G device sports a 1.4-inch touchscreen which can be used for pretty much everything you’d expect from a mobile phone.

You can bring up a keypad to make calls, view web pages and, thanks to a built-in front camera, take stills and have video conversations.

MP3 playback, Bluetooth and text-to-speech are also supported – so it seems that LG are serious about putting this wristphone up against real mobile blowers.

To be honest, I think the success of of the GD910 will depend a lot on how it is priced and the contract obligations – both are unknown as yet.

Expect to hear more on this from CES next week.