LG G6 packing audiophile ESS quad-DAC

LG G6 top renderMore news just in about the LG G6 smartphone. Today the company revealed that the device will feature a 32-bit quad-DAC system promising improved sound quality.

The LG G6 should be an audiophile pleaser thanks to this latest development.

DAC and jack

The press release states that it will be equipped with a Digital Analogue Convertor for the “music enthusiast.”

The high-performance audio chipset specialist ESS is producing the DAC. The technology is being touted as an improvement over the similar quad-DAC featured in last year’s LG V20 phone.

The information goes on to say that this technology gives superior control over each earbud independently, resulting in a clearer, more balanced sound.

The quad DACs implement four DACs on a single chip, reducing the size by a factor of four and noise by up to 50% when using one DAC.

The dedicated analogue output, to me anyhow, points to the G6 retaining a headphone jack.

LG G6 renderCracks and loops

In other news, LG is apparently promising to address the shatter-prone screens and boot-up loops that plagued previous devices.

The G6 will be unveiled at a press event on February 26th. It will feature a tall screen aspect ratio of 18:9 according to LG.

The device is also water-resistant and will likely use Google Assistant. This will no doubt become a standard feature on Android flagships this year.