LG G3 release invites sent for May global launch

lg g3 inviteThere’s more info about the LG G3 smartphone now that the Korean company has issued invitations to events in six cities across the world.

Although the G3 has not been named as such but, thanks to the emphasised ‘G’, there is little doubt that the events being held on May 27th and 28th will see the launch of the new flagship device from LG.

San Francisco, New York, and London will host simultaneous gatherings for the launch with Seoul, Singapore, and Istanbul following the next day.

LG confirmed its plans to release the G3 within the second quarter of 2014 in its earnings report filed yesterday.

So far it’s known that the phone will be available in a gold colour, and the invitation from LG appears to have been set in a dark brushed aluminium surface, potentially hinting at the company using a premium new material.

Moving to a metal case would indeed be a significant change for LG’s phones, which have typically been constructed out of plastic just like Samsung who is said to also be moving to metal for their top-tier mobile.

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