LG G Watch details shown in video tour

LG G watchLG has today released a new teaser video which gives an up-close and personal touch of its Android-powered smartwatch, the LG G Watch. The camera lovingly pans around the device whilst pointing out the watch’s key features.

LG are going to be taking the wraps of the new LG G3 at a press event later this month on May 27th and, as it has a rumoured launch date of June, expectations are that we could also see more of the new LG G Watch.

Any big wearable fans will already know all of the top details about the smartwatch, but to recap, it’s lightweight, it has a metal body, it’s water and dust resistant and can run for a long time from a single charge – although there has not been much more said about that as yet.

The video shows the watch will have a five-pin connector on the rear for charging the device. Since this is easily accessible it could work well with a dock or a clip-on charging cable.

LG’s G Watch will also be packing a 1.85-inch display and 4GB of internal memory.

The G Watch will be on sale in the UK for £180 by midsummer – now have a look at the video below.

[youtube id=”ObhAvvJEi0k”]