LG Flutter Fan Phone – Not FLUFFER!

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Yup, me too!

The first time I spied that fancy font I though that the designers had made a faux pas – fortunately this LG concept is called the Flutter. See? Fan. Flutter. Clever eh?

Although this rather cool concept is badged as an LG handset the design is the winning entry to the “Design The Future” competition.

It does look like the winners have decided that the future LG’s will be rocking the iPhone operating system though 😉

I like the way that when the device is closed there’s still a little diamond-shaped spy hole so that some of the screen is still visible.

I wonder if the LG button release is spring-loaded so it works like a flick-knife? Remember the Motorola V70?

Now, I’ve attempted to decipher the Koren article using Google Translate and apart from something about crabs it looks as though the winning team received $20,000.

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