LG Flexible OLED Displays Promise Shatterproof Phone Screens – Now!

flexible oled screenI’ve seen many an iPhone with a cracked or smashed screen – surely we’ve not got clumsier. Have mobile phones got more slippy? Well, LG may have the solution as it’s working on some smart bendy OLED tech and boasts that it is unbreakable and almost ready to release.

A report states that LG is working on bendy OLED displays with plastic substrates. That’s fantastic, but do we have to wait til 2020 til we can FRRrrrrrrang! our smartphones on the edge of the table like school rulers?

Apparently this tech is designed for use in current mobile phones. In other words, the tech isn’t just destined for futuristic flexible phones but LG wants to slip them in your current blower in a move to make them indestructible.

According to the source, LG’s ‘3.5-gen’ production plant is set to fire up at the end of this year, which means it could find its way into handsets as early as Q1 2013.

I’m looking forward to seeing shatterproof phones next year. Aren’t you?

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