LG 55EM9600 55 inch OLED TV Priced and Pictured

lg-55em9600-angleRight at the start of the year LG taunted us all with details of their 55-inch OLED TV. They’re now over in Monte Carlo and have just outed all the juicy details and pictures at their event.

The snappily named LG 55EM9600 is now ready for its close up in some freshly released press shots.

Those of you that can remember back to Jan 2012 will notice that the slim OLED telly now has a bigger base.

That base is stuffed with more equipment and connection ports which, in turn, allowed LG to shave another millimetre off the screen thickness.

The screen back is carbon fiber so it doesn’t flex and can stay thin. Very thin. That display is now a super-skinny 4mm (0.16 inches)!

Those AV connectors share the base with a trio of USB ports along the side which will make sharing media from cameras, USB sticks and portable hard drives a lot easier.

There’s still no firm date for release but there has been mutterings of a European price being set at around about €9,000 ($11,313).

Word is that the LG 55EM9600 could be available as soon as July – not long to save up then!

Til then, check out the press pics below:

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