LG DP391B – Portable DVD Player & Photo Frame

The LG DP391B truly is a portable DVD player that looks great!

LG have approached this well played out scene and come up with something original and pretty hot-looking.

Instead of having a screen concealed, the LCD on the DP391 is on the top of the unit.

If you flip up this great 800×480 pixel screen you find the disc tray. Neat huh?

Behind the disc tray, there’s a little kickstand that keeps the screen at the optimum viewing angle.

As well as being a portable DVD and media player it’s also a photo frame.

So, when you’re home just set it up to show pics using mains power but then when you go out, unplug it and use the built-in battery to watch video.

You can also use USB memory sticks to view photos or video.

There’s a SD/MMC/MS card reader, so you can take a card out of a digital camera and view your images instantly. You also get an AV line-in and not 1 but 2 headphone sockets for all you couples out there!

Better still, its available to buy and you can grab one for around £180 online.