LG Demystifies 3D TV Tech with Interactive Comedy Video

I’m still a 3DTV-skeptic. There, I’ve said it.

I admit that I have enjoyed the spectacle and it’s hard not to be impressed by the 3D visuals of a film such as Avatar but, really, is this going to be any good at home?

Whilst the prices are still on the steep side (although it was pointed out to me that there’s generally only a £150 premium added to a new gogglebox in order to get 3D) I for one am dubious as to how much I need a 3D telly.

As well as the TV set itself you have to fork out for some 3D specs for the family/household – those active ones will spank your wallet and reduce you to tears when someone sits on a pair!

LG have decided to shove all the clever tech into their TV’s so the polarised glasses you get at the cinema will work on your home set instead of needing to buy those expensive active goggles. This means that you get the same experience using the same tech as the cinema and the glasses are a darned sight cheaper! Also, there has been accounts of people getting a little travel sick using the active shutter specs.

I for one still have a stack of questions and have even attempted a buyers guide about 3DTV but LG Electronics wants to help – well, it is in their interests to do so aint it?

LG is set to launch its first 3D cinema advert this week they’ve announced that they plan to “really bring 3D to life” with a digital widget, which aims to educate consumers about this new immersive technology with a fun and entertaining Q&A.

The widget, launched today, extends LG’s existing campaign allowing consumers to interact with the characters used in the cinema advert, asking 3D TV related questions and getting instant answers to help demystify some of the myths around the new extra dimension.

The digital Life’s Good Lounge Q&A will be housed on LG’s website (www.lg.com/uk/3D), will also be promoted on the Facebook page (www.facebook.com/LGUK) and is also available as an embeddable widget.

If you have more questions there’s even the opportunity to pose your questions to @asklg3dtv on Twitter to be directed to their answers.

The most asked questions were discovered with the help buzz-metrics and with the help of director Richard Ayoade, best known for his role in The IT Crowd, and the comedy duo of Tim Key and Lloyd Wolf – LG were able to pre-record answers to be delivered through the online interface and to appear as live responses to consumers’ questions.

Apparently there’s a hidden scene in the widget and whoever finds it first will be able to experience the wonders of 3D first-hand by winning a 3D package and receive the instructions on how to claim their prize!

I could go on about how I was pleasantly surprised by the LG 3DTV tech but, really, it’s one of those things that people need to experience. LG are on a roadshow with a huge sofa, telly and glasses so why not take some time out and give it a whirl?

You could find a pub that has Sky 3D and telly set up or, for a more family-friendly eyes-on test why not toddle off to…

  • Birmingham Bullring, 10 – 12 Dec
  • Bluewater Kent, 17 – 19 Dec
  • AMC Cinema Birmingham, 27 – 30 Dec
  • BFI IMAX Cinema South Bank London, 2 -5 Jan
  • AMC Cinema Manchester, 12 – 16 Jan

Have a play with the widget below – ask it sensible questions about 3D television but try out typing ‘cuddle’ or ‘strip’ for a giggle 😉

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