LG B – Brightest and Thinnest Android Phone Confirmed

Crikey O’Reilly!! First news of LG putting forward the first dual core processor sporting mobile and now Mr/Ms Blurry Cam brings news of LG’s latest.

Not content in having what promises to be a super-speedy Optimus 2X – someone has slipped out some pics of LG’s super-slim Android known only as LG B.

The leaked snaps shows that the LG B is even skinnier than the ‘world’s thinnest smart phone’ – Apple’s iPhone 4.

According to what the blurry-focused one has spilled to Phandroid – LG B has a 4-inch LCD screen which, and if you check the pic out below, is actually brighter than the Samsung Galaxy S which is pretty darned good already! The LG B is sat in the middle – yeah, thought you would’ve worked that out. So, could the B stand for Bright or Blinding?

Phandroid has more information regarding the screen brightness compared with what they assume to be the Galaxy S and iPhone 4 retina display – just go here 🙂

It sounds like the hardware hasn’t been finalised and noone is saying if it will be rocking the Tegra 2 chip or not – the good news is that LG’s CES Twitter feed confirmed the LG B is real and it will be making an appearance at CES – that Tweet has since been hastily deleted 😉

I would expect the LG B to be running Froyo, like the Optimus 2X with an update to Gingerbread in the not too distant future.

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