LG 4K Digital Cinema monitor UK price – a first for visual content creators

LG launches Digital Cinema 4K MonitorIf you’re editing 4K video then having colours that are close enough, just won’t do. What you need is a monitor that replicates the displays where your visuals will be seen. Enter the 4K Digital Cinema display from LG.

In order to work on 4K images or video content as faithfully as you can, without scaling or distortion, you will, of course, need a 4K monitor yourself. Enter the 31MU97, LG’s latest foray into the 4K display market, but this time targeted squarely at content creators rather than consumers.

The 31MU97 Digital Cinema 4K monitor boasts ultra high definition resolutions of 4096×2160 from its 31-inch IPS panel.

The huge difference between say, the 34UM95, or its rival’s 4K screens, this one is designed for use by those who make or edit 4K content. This means it is the perfect tool for photographers, video editors, and graphics artists as it allows visual artists to work in the same conditions and at the same detail as their target displays.

Needless to say, in those professions, colour accuracy is crucial and that’s why the LG Digital Cinema 4K’s IPS display supports more than 99.5% of the widely popular Adobe RGB colour space. The monitor actually meets the standards of the Digital Cinema Initiative (DCI), so that should tell you a thing or two about just how accurately it reproduces colour.

LG31MU97 sideIn addition, the monitor has a unique Dual Color Space feature that lets the monitor display two different colour modes so as to help when comparing images. The package also comes with LG’s True Color Pro software for easier colour hardware calibration.

For extra user-friendliness, the 31MU97 is also incorporates the LG Split screen functionality which allows the user to multitask easier.

As the LG 31MU97 is aimed squarely at professionals, you shouldn’t be expecting bargain bucket prices here.

You can grab one from Amazon.co.uk for £1,657.02