LG 31″ OLED 3D TV’s Appearing in Shops in 2011

Merely going all gooey-eyed over a super-slim ‘n’ sexy OLED TV that’s a decent size at a tech show no longer enough? How about being able to be smug about that 3D OLED telly in your living rooms as soon as this year?

LG have plenty of new and exciting goggle-boxes at CES 2011 including an 82″ monster but it is their continued work with OLED that gets me going.

The clever Koreans have been showing off their 31-inch OLED 3D telly in Vegas.

OLED has many advantages over LED especially where 3D is concerned as the panels offer brighter and more colourful images as well as having a virtually infinite contrast ratio and viewing angles.

Regular HD viewing is obviously going to be super lush and you know that the 600Hz display means that you’re going to get a very smooth image, as well as exceptional 3D.

I’m sure that you’ve seen as many pics of OLED TV’s that I have and they generally look great thanks to the slim panels and groovy designs. As LG are championing the Cinema 3D route this means that all your friends and family can join in the viewing pleasure without breaking the bank buying expensive 3D glasses.

I’ve not been able to find a price region for the LG OLED 3D TV’s so if anyone has a clue more accurate than ‘probably expensive’ please let me know 😉

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