Leyio Wrist Shaking Wireless Transfer Drive Comes to UK

Cast your minds back to January and the Leyio.

It promised file sharing by the shake of your wrist via UWB (ultra-wideband) radio connectivity with a 3MB pic blasting across in just 0.3 seconds. 

The Leyio is coming to the UK in April with an unfortunate price of £159 for the 16GB device.

The device has a fingerprint scanner so only you can shake those files over.

Searching the memory is easy as the Leyio had an oLED screen.

I was quite taken with the idea and potential of the Leyio – trouble is, to use this as it’s meant to be you need a buddy with £159 who will also buy one.

What’s the point in a £159 pocket drive if you’re just going to use the USB?