Leyio Wireless Wrist-Shake File Sharing In UK Soon

leyioForget file sharing from computer to computer and be prepared to point and laugh at anyone touting a USB stick.

Leyio does it wirelessly and with just a simple shake of the wrist.

It uses UWB (ultra-wideband) radio connectivity and will allow you can swap your favourite files, photos, music  and movies with another device in seconds!

A 3MB pic will blast across in just 0.3 seconds and a “personal movie in around 20 seconds” – not entirely sure what that last bit means.

If you’re worried about someone else waving your files away;  a fingerprint scanner means your Leyio is loyal only to you.

16GB of storage comes as standard, with USB connectivity available to pull any files from a computer, as well as synchronising new ones.

If your friends haven’t got a Leyio you can hook up their old school USB stick too, transferring just the files you want to, whilst quietly giggling at their use of an outdated drive. PAH!

There’s no price or release date given as yet for the Leyio Personal Sharing Device.

I’m pretty sure that it’s gonna cost more than a regular USB stick and it should appear soon.