Leyio Shakes Up Tune Transfer to Your iPod

LeyioRemember that clever little Leyio?

You know: the gadgety way of sharing data and stuff at the shake of your wrist?

Yeah – it hasn’t exactly caught on and I forgive you if you’ve forgotten all about it since the beginning of the year – the main problem is that ideally you need to find someone else with a Leyio.

A new piece of iPod-friendly functionality might just change that around a tad.

A quick recap – the Leyio is a simple and wire-free way to transfer files, a quick shake chucks your chosen music, photos or documents from one Leyio to another via UWB (ultra-wideband) radio connectivity.

A 3MB photo can be bounced across in just 0.3 seconds or a personal movie in around 20 seconds. The added bonus is that this all takes place securely right down to using a fingerprint scanner to stop others having a quick shake when you’re not aware.

The cool bit is that it also has USB connectivity – Thanks to a firmware update, you can transfer any music from an iPod to your Leyio device via USB.

So, common wisdom suggests that you should be able to sling those (i)choonz on to another device be it a hard drive, a phone, or even another iPod!

By all accounts, this is just the beginning with the same functionality coming to smartphones including the iPhone in the very near future.

So – if it’s looking a bit tastier you can go buy a Leyio right now from £129.

Check out the vid below and watch the magic betwixt Leyio and iPod:

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