Lexon LD89 Induction Charged Mouse May Get You Funny Looks

Lexon design may get you in a sticky situation with this.

This is a very sleek (ahem) looking mouse that comes complete with an induction recharging dock.

The thing is that, especially in pink, it can elicit some strange looks.

The designer is a certain Karim Rashid who, apparently, is more known for his furniture designs.

You may be relived to discover that these rather cool controllers are also available in black, lime and white as well as that dubious pink hue.

As well as the coolness of induction recharging the mouses/mice also are packing touch sensor wheels.

The mouse was shown off at the MAISON & OBJECT 2010 exhibition where it was no doubt fondled by all sorts of design geeks and a few misguided ladies 😉

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