Lenovo Thinkpad Doubles as German Bus Seats – Butt Surfing?

Think Pad Tram SeatThe Lenovo Thinkpad likes to see itself as pretty sturdy.

I guess it can take the knocks and scrapes of everyday life well enough – but I’d never think to install them as seats on buses and tram shuttles!

The notebooks have been given the bum deal (heh!) as part of a campaign created by Ogilvy Frankfurt.

They laptops were installed in buses and tram shuttles that were transporting prospective buyers to Lenovo Roadshows all over Germany.

The buses were sat waiting by train stations and airports to get visitors to the events and offered the passengers the chance to surf the web or just take the weight off their feet.

I’d be a little unsure whether a thoughtless clench could format the drive. I wonder if anyone managed to use the trackpad whilst reading a paper 😉

Personally I would’ve preferred to see the MSI Wind as seats – more of a fitting name perhaps?

I’d dare say that if a similar campaign was attempted in the UK there’d all of a sudden be quite a lot of standing room on public transport.

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