Lenovo Mini Wireless Keyboard Shocker – Being Sold by Brando?!

This must be a first!!

Brando, the purveyor of USB based silliness, is selling this – the HTPC loving Lenovo Mini Wireless Keyboard for $64.

Yup – it’s selling a useful item from a known maker!! :p

This large remote control sized thumb keyboard and trackball uses a 2.4GHz wireless connection and works up to 30 feet away.

Pretty much ideal for use with Windows Media Center, Boxee, or just about any other PC-based media center application and saves having to get up off your sofa 😉

It’s powered by two AAA batteries and the USB receiver neatly right inside the controllers battery compartment.

As well as ordering from Brando you could, if you so wished, order it directly from Lenovo and save four bucks – and perhaps a little more as Lenovo always seems to have a variety of coupon codes floating around.

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