Lenovo Link puts phone on your computer – allows computer to control phone

lenovo link 32gbDo you think being able to mirror or cast what’s on your smartphone to your computer is a cool thing? How about using a mouse or keyboard to control your mobile? What if I told you that there was a better way? Well, there is now that Lenovo has just announced LINK.

LINK looks for all intents and purposes like a regular 32GB USB flash drive but that is not even half its potential.

You see, LINK can be plugged into your Windows and, thanks to its additional USB 3.0 port on the other side, you can hook up to your phone.

First, this lets you use a flash drive and charge your phone simultaneously, saving you one USB port on your computer. Nice.

Secondly, if you’ve installed the corresponding app on your Windows machine and your phone, you’ll be able to see your screen on the computer as a picture in picture window. You’ll also have control over your whole phone, moving files and media, copying text, controlling applications, opening videos, and more from your larger screen.

lenovo link usbFinally, to round things off, you can keep the phone’s screen (or better yet, in this use case, the tablet’s screen) on the device, but use the computer’s keyboard and mouse to control it, essentially turning your Android device into another screen that’s managed from the comfort of the same peripherals.

This could put an end to having to break from your PC to check your texts (although PushBullet does take care of this to a degree) or social updates as you can control everything from one device with your phone or tablet becoming just an extra screen.

Now for the technical details – Lenovo LINK 32GB is compatible with Android 5.0 and above and Windows 7/8/8.1/10 and packs up to 32GB of storage whilst only measuring 78 x 21 x 9 mm.

The 32GB LINK is only $39.99, which puts it firmly in the affordable, almost impulse buy, arena. I’d pay that just for a flash-drive with the pass-through charging skills.

Expect it to be available in March of 2016. More details here.